Late Summer Update

6 08 2015
Forgetting To Swim

Forgetting To Swim – Kyle Zentmeyer, Photoshop

“Whoa! I have a blog,” I say, every time I feel like updating something that isn’t my Facebook or Instagram.  So here’s the short update: my summer at Camp Pine Ridge in Michigan is wrapping up quickly and school is speeding towards me at break-neck velocities.  Money things are stupid as always, and I’m stressed about finding a job this fall that will cover basic living expenses during school.  But I’ve made it this far, so I guess there’s no going back now.

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FBFSE Update #4: I need a hobby

7 05 2013

I’m pretty sure that spring is the season where all hobbies are birthed, to only die quickly in the chaos of Summers.  After almost a year of building a single computer, I’ve realized that I wish suddenly that I could do it again.  Too bad it will never pay off where I’m at.  So in the mean-time, I’ve managed to spend much more than I probably “should have” on my current build.  In my defense though… It’s pretty stinkin’ cool!

I think that making things is part of the reason I like to blog.  Eventually, I’d like to also get back to making movies/videos and stuff.  Due to poor spending (see computer mentioned above), my video gear is rather non-existent.  I’ve been thinking of making some sort of video-game “role-play” series, probably Minecraft (which to me, is like animation for lazy people).  Mostly just for fun.  Which reminds me: I remember when I used to make movies out of Lego’s when I was a kid.  Ahh… the memories.  I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to record to VHS anymore. 😀  So anyway, if I get some sort of video thing going (video-game based or otherwise) you just might see an extra tab pop up on my menu here so be on the lookout for it. 😉

I got a new office last week.  yeah! I actually have room to do stuff without feeling like stuff’s going to cave-in on me.  I’m no-where close to being moved in yet.  Every time I wander into my old “office”, I realize just how messy it’d gotten.  there are chords a pieces of paper everywhere.  And that pretty much sums up my work week here: moving and cleaning.

Last but not least, I’m super excited because band practice starts tonight.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the first rehearsal (BTW I spelled rehearsal the first time, without spell-check… I’m mildly impressed), because I usually have bible-study on Tuesday nights.  So we’ll see if people would mind being flexible for one person.  I can’t decide what instrument I’ll be playing.  I’d like to play trumpet or french-horn, but I hear their in desperate need of percussionists.  So I’ll just have to play it by ear… get it? because it’s band… and I’m playing it by ear… never mind…

That about wraps up the last two weeks more or less.  I can feel summer coming on fast, and I’m prepped and ready to be caught up in a hurricane of business (and hobbies).  So until next time,

Have a great week!



FBFSE update #2: DAY 1

15 04 2013

DAY 1:  It’s getting warmer outside.  I fully anticipate having some sort of withdrawal here in the first week.  Probably some social anxiety as I will have no idea what people are up to.  Which is funny, because it’ll be exciting when I have to, you know… ask them in person how they’re doing.  What a strange concept.

Anyway, my passwords are officially changed.  I used a password generator using 15 random letters, numbers and special characters.  I didn’t save the passwords, so the only way to get my accounts back is to do a password reset.  And that won’t happen until Aug. 31.  My big sister has unofficially joined on board with the experiment (at least according to a FB post a couple of days ago).  I hope that you all consider this another invitation to join in a really cool idea (if I may say so myself).  It’s not too late to realize that there’s more to life than false social interactions!

Well… it’s still too early to have any real kind of report.  So this is just my official “hey I started”, notice.




FBFSE Update #1: Ready to role!

8 04 2013

My Facebook Free Summer Experiment, is only a week away (April 15th).  Which reminds me of two important things.  First… I still have to do my taxes.  And second, I’m really excited to be kicking off the “Facbook Funk”.  So I decided that instead of giving someone a new password for my account, I’m just going to change is with a password generator, and then not write it down anywhere.  That way my crazy friends won’t completely destroy my reputation. 😀  This also goes for my Twitter account (which I never use anyway).  As a partial compromise, I may be hanging around Google+ on occasion.  I hope that you guys are planning on joining me on this adventure.  I’ll be posting here at least every other week with a “FBFSE Update” for you all to let you know how awesome things are.  And of course, next year, you’ll wan’t to give it a try yourself!



The Facebook Free Summer Experiment

25 03 2013

I’ve decided to go Facebook free this summer.  Starting April 15th and going through til’ August 31.  It’s going to be a very interesting experiment, and I encourage anyone to try it out with me and share your results as we go along.  Granted this isn’t a brilliant plan, actually I’ve only constructed the idea in my head just a few hours ago.  Call it irrational if you will, but I have been wanting to give something like this a try  I’m sure there will be “complications” along the way, but lets’s face it:  Those problems existed before facebook made them “problems”.  Here’s the details:


A total of 3 1/2 months without using facebook, at all.<– (note the period)


Me (of course), and you’re all invited to join me!


April 15 2013 – August 31 2013


Facebook, twitter and other social media (except here)


 As of recent, I’ve found myself becoming more and more frustrated with Facebook.  Partly it’s the ever increasing amount of advertising.  I see more posts from pages trying to get me to “like” them or buy their stuff than I do friends’ posts.  Along with whatever research there is out there, I’ve noticed a difference in myself since I got facebook.  I check it almost 12 times a day (which is little compared to some).  But interestingly enough, I’m never really concerned about what others post; but rather what they say in reply to my own posts… Which is a problem… no really, it is: “One-of-many-google-results”.  And lastly, I’m doing this because I’m trying to get away from a “digitized lifestyle”.  Now arguably, that won’t happen for me.  I’m an IT guy, I really enjoy computers.  Fixing, working, playing.  They’re pretty neat.  And where I live, it’s practically impossible to effectively communicate to the outside world without the interwebz.


  • My facebook password will be changed and handed off to a trustworthy associate, where it will hopefully die of old age.  I will not use password reset as that would defeat the purpose.
  • My chat is connected to a couple other resources (i.e. Skype), so if you see me “online”, you can ask, but most likely, it’s because I’m on Skype.
  • Speaking of Skype, there are still many ways for my friends to keep in contact.  Skype, Email, Phone, IN PERSON!?!?? (heaven forbid), smoke signals… the list goes on.  If you need to contact me, you already know how, and if you’re a stranger on my blog, just use the comment section (for whatever reason you’d need to contact me.
  • I will post a small bit, weekly here on my blog to let you all know how the experiment is doing (along with my regular ramblings).
  • Lastly, my blog will still be auto-updating my facebook (as usual), so my Facebook friends can see that I’m having a better time than them. 😉


I’m honestly really excited about this, and hope to see you all along for the ride!