Double-shot Latte’s

8 05 2012

As I sat down at my desk this morning, with a double-shot latte in my hand, I felt like the week would never end.  And during some moment, between now and  9-o-clock this morning I realized a few different things.  First: that it was only Tuesday.  But Second: No matter how much we seem to be in control of things, we really never are.

From the technical, side of things:  Camp’s server died last Thursday.  This server, for all you technical people out there, runs par of our DNS, DHCP, Printer server, Active Directory, and File storage.  For you non-technical people: No internet, no files, sketchy login to their office computer, and did I mention no file access.  Most of the hardware appears to be fine, and since we’re running a virtual server, all I had to do (ha ha ha ha ha!)… was mirror the server from a backup, and then restore all the current files from our online safe.  This, or course, has turned out to be a nightmare.  And of course, as I sit here and write this, I’m on “bar watch” duty. “41%! it’s on a roll!”  Never mind the fact that it’s probably going to screw up again, or transfer files in the places I specifically told in not to… again, or the backup manager is going to crash…again.

You know those times when you’ve been thinking so hard about something that it enters your, albeit, short dreams? I’m convinced that my dreams are run by servers now.  This server thing, has gotten a hold of me, and quite frankly, it feels a little like it’s dragging me under.  I feel like I have no control of my own job right now.  It’s all I can do to try and keep everyone else in good spirits.  It’s times like this, where my work becomes “a job”, working 9 to… whenever I quit for the day.

“…still 41%”.  So this morning when I woke up.  I looked up into the mirror when I was brushing my teeth, just to see how tired I actually looked.  I actually looked better than I felt, so that was a good thing.  And then I cam to my conclusion:

Things happen.  This has been said by many people, but I found a new meaning in it this morning.  When things happen, we really do have a choice on how to use/view them.  On Friday, I emailed out a list to my co-workers and bosses, saying what they could and couldn’t do with the server being down.  One of those things on my list was “enjoy your weekend”.  Being just a couple of weeks from summer and people not having their files I’m sure is super frustrating.  But it’s really out of their hands.  And sometimes I feel when people ask me a question about the server, I wan’t to ask them if they’ve taken this time of helplessness and refocused why they’re here for God.  Because we can either be bogged down with work and what we can’t do to get things done in two weeks, or we can trust that God is still God, whether or not He allows us to have what we want in order to get work done.  In reality, it’s His camp and His work and our lives are even His.  Not “for” His purpose, but truly and completely His!

Although I’m trying my best to convince people here to “relax” and/or get other work done, people do need (want) their files back.  So even though we all must rest in God’s timing, I’m working very hard and tediously at trying to get things to work on the server.  As I sit here writing this, watching the bar move (42%), while sipping on my double-shot latte; I ask that you be praying for me, that God grant’s me the peace and rest that I so desperately crave right now.

We are helpless.  We can do nothing without God, because in the end our bodies will all perish, and everything we thought we did will mean nothing.  We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, because in the end when our souls are lifted up to be with our savior, God can say to us “well done, good and faithful servant.”!

Yours truly,


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.