Settling In

8 05 2014

This will likely be a short blog update.  Not much has happened.  So here’s the short version first (In convenient bullet points).

  • I found work!
  • it’s barely enough to cover rent if I were to rent my own place. But I’m going to try anyway.
  • Because right now it feels like I’m living out of boxes (because I am).  And it’s frustrating.

That’s the short summary of life.  now on to Mothers day!

I’m excited because my Grandpa just gave me the word, that if I want, I can make anything I want for a Mothers Day dinner, and he’ll pay for the ingredients.  I’m not going to go super crazy, but it’s going to be fun!  And… in summary of mothers day: “I love my mom!”

Yeah… that’s about it.  Most of my jeans will permanently smell like cooking oil now, but hey, it’s a living.  So stay tuned as I look for a place to live, and when that happens, I’ll be getting back to the art and music and shtuff.

I guess that’s all… Told you it was short. Until next time,