Artist Spotlight: Joseph Toscano

24 06 2013

Joseph Toscano

I’m always amazed at what you can find based on something else that you’ve found.  I discovered this indie artist (Joseph Toscano), through an indie game (Timber and Stone).  This Piano heavy artist has been composing since 1999 with his first album: The Ideal City.  There’s typically an interesting blend of strings and piano, sometimes mixed with some sort of modern techno beat (depending on the album).  There are also traces of 8th note runs usually involving a bowed instrument or a harp.  It leaves me with that “post-movie epic” feeling.

Latest Album: Timber and Stone OST

First Album: The Ideal City


After spending time listening to this, It makes me wonder how anyone can make it “big” in any entertainment industry.  There are so many people with a lot of talent that will probably never compose for the worlds next blockbuster film.  I guess it just goes to show, it’s all about who you know.

There was no bio on Joseph’s bandcamp page, so this is all you get.  Anyway, enjoy the sounds, and when you decide you like it, you can purchase his music at a “name-your-price” price from his bandcamp page.  So that means if I directed you to his page you should at least pay $10, because I’m an anti-pirate ninja.

Googling Self

28 05 2013

I’m sure everyone’s done it at least once.  Googling yourself can be interesting and a little creepy at times.  I got this crazy idea this morning though, rather than googling my full, real name.  I googled my most commonly used pseudonym or alias on google (Shoomfie), and found out just how ingrained I am into the internet.  Granted, I don’t think that anyone will ever search the name “Shoomfie”… I don’t even know what it means.  I just wanted a gaming alias that didn’t have any stupid numbers at the end.  From the search I found out that I’m a member of a lot of Minecraft related forums. and that I play ArmA 2 & 3.  I also have a rather unsuccessful Youtube account.  That’s basically all I wanted to say.  If you want to find yourself on the internet, use your pseudonym… just be prepared to fight the urge to turn off your computer and then hide in your closet. 😉

Your’s truly,