Artist Spotlight: Wavorly

29 05 2013




Wavorly formed in 2001 under the name Freshmen 15, and independently released two albums under this name. The group changed its name after signing to Flicker Records because they “didn’t want to be thirty years old and be like, ‘I’m in “Freshmen 15″. I have three kids.'” The name Wavorly comes from a haunted mansion in West Point, Mississippi. Their major label debut, Conquering the Fear of Flight, was released on Flicker on June 12, 2007, and has lyrics significantly influenced by the writings of C. S. Lewis.

The band’s single “Part One” received significant airplay on US Christian radioand was heavily rotated on the Gospel Music Channel‘s Rock Block. Also, it had been confirmed that Wavorly was in the process of finishing their next album, which was slated for a 2011 release. Rob Graves, producer of Conquering the Fear of Flight and other bands such as RED and Pillar, was confirmed as producer. Former RED guitarist Jasen Rauch had also been confirmed as a co-producer. Wavorly released an Ep entitled “The Ep” On November 11, 2011.

Wavorly broke up on December 21, 2012, as they announced via Facebook.


Current members
  • Dave Stovall – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Seth Farmer – Vocals, Lead Guitar
  • Matt Lott – Bass
  • Ryan Coon – Keyboards
  • Teddy Boldt – Drums
Former members
  • Trey Hill – Drums (2001–2006)
  • Dan Isbell – Guitar
  • Jaime Hays – Drums (2006–2010)


Freshmen 15
  • Freshmen 15 (2002)
  • Hi-5 Pedestrian (2004)

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I discovered this band while just milling about my media player for “related artists” back a couple of years ago.  Sadly, since then they’ve disbanded.  However, I encourage you to take a listen and enjoy their 2 albums anyway.  They’re one of “those bands” that never got as much coverage as they probably deserved.  But still, they’re first album: Conquering the Fear of Flight is quite enjoyable, and I will probably be listening to it for years to come.  My favorite songs from that album are: track 5, ‘Praise and Adore’ and track 7, ‘Summer Song’.