FBFSE update #2: DAY 1

15 04 2013

DAY 1:  It’s getting warmer outside.  I fully anticipate having some sort of withdrawal here in the first week.  Probably some social anxiety as I will have no idea what people are up to.  Which is funny, because it’ll be exciting when I have to, you know… ask them in person how they’re doing.  What a strange concept.

Anyway, my passwords are officially changed.  I used a password generator using 15 random letters, numbers and special characters.  I didn’t save the passwords, so the only way to get my accounts back is to do a password reset.  And that won’t happen until Aug. 31.  My big sister has unofficially joined on board with the experiment (at least according to a FB post a couple of days ago).  I hope that you all consider this another invitation to join in a really cool idea (if I may say so myself).  It’s not too late to realize that there’s more to life than false social interactions!

Well… it’s still too early to have any real kind of report.  So this is just my official “hey I started”, notice.




FBFSE Update #1: Ready to role!

8 04 2013

My Facebook Free Summer Experiment, is only a week away (April 15th).  Which reminds me of two important things.  First… I still have to do my taxes.  And second, I’m really excited to be kicking off the “Facbook Funk”.  So I decided that instead of giving someone a new password for my account, I’m just going to change is with a password generator, and then not write it down anywhere.  That way my crazy friends won’t completely destroy my reputation. 😀  This also goes for my Twitter account (which I never use anyway).  As a partial compromise, I may be hanging around Google+ on occasion.  I hope that you guys are planning on joining me on this adventure.  I’ll be posting here at least every other week with a “FBFSE Update” for you all to let you know how awesome things are.  And of course, next year, you’ll wan’t to give it a try yourself!