FBFSE Update #4: I need a hobby

7 05 2013

I’m pretty sure that spring is the season where all hobbies are birthed, to only die quickly in the chaos of Summers.  After almost a year of building a single computer, I’ve realized that I wish suddenly that I could do it again.  Too bad it will never pay off where I’m at.  So in the mean-time, I’ve managed to spend much more than I probably “should have” on my current build.  In my defense though… It’s pretty stinkin’ cool!

I think that making things is part of the reason I like to blog.  Eventually, I’d like to also get back to making movies/videos and stuff.  Due to poor spending (see computer mentioned above), my video gear is rather non-existent.  I’ve been thinking of making some sort of video-game “role-play” series, probably Minecraft (which to me, is like animation for lazy people).  Mostly just for fun.  Which reminds me: I remember when I used to make movies out of Lego’s when I was a kid.  Ahh… the memories.  I’m pretty sure I don’t even know how to record to VHS anymore. 😀  So anyway, if I get some sort of video thing going (video-game based or otherwise) you just might see an extra tab pop up on my menu here so be on the lookout for it. 😉

I got a new office last week.  yeah! I actually have room to do stuff without feeling like stuff’s going to cave-in on me.  I’m no-where close to being moved in yet.  Every time I wander into my old “office”, I realize just how messy it’d gotten.  there are chords a pieces of paper everywhere.  And that pretty much sums up my work week here: moving and cleaning.

Last but not least, I’m super excited because band practice starts tonight.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the first rehearsal (BTW I spelled rehearsal the first time, without spell-check… I’m mildly impressed), because I usually have bible-study on Tuesday nights.  So we’ll see if people would mind being flexible for one person.  I can’t decide what instrument I’ll be playing.  I’d like to play trumpet or french-horn, but I hear their in desperate need of percussionists.  So I’ll just have to play it by ear… get it? because it’s band… and I’m playing it by ear… never mind…

That about wraps up the last two weeks more or less.  I can feel summer coming on fast, and I’m prepped and ready to be caught up in a hurricane of business (and hobbies).  So until next time,

Have a great week!