Settlers of Catan 3D diorama: part 1

2 07 2018

Hey guys! Remember these?:





No? That’s okay it was a long time ago.  Here’s what’s going down here: I’m making a 3D Catan board.  I started of course with the above papers sketching out all the possibilities.  I traced the  outline of one of the game hexes to get my dimensions.

I almost forgot to snap a pic of what I was doing here (as you can see I already started cutting.  I took a game piece hex and traced out each of the hexes (about 1/8″ apart).  I’m using 1/4″ thick, 12″x24″ craft plywood as my base.

I used a band-saw to roughly cut out each piece.  If you don’t have access to one, you could use a regular hand saw or similar tool… but it will take for forever.  I’d find someone with a band-saw.

after all the pieces were cut out I put them all in a clamp and started rasping each side.  I used a spare piece of plywood to make sure the opposite end that I was rasping was as even as possible before I clamped.

Remember to be careful using power tools… or rasps.

They’re now a good bit more even.  I took the smallest piece and made sure they were all tolerably square… heximal? whatever?  I finished it off with a quick 80 grit sandpaper to the edges to help keep them from chipping.

and lastly: I labelled each hex so that I don’t lose track.

Next time I’ll be cutting out my ground from polystyrene (aka, styrofoam)! See you then!

A brief Intermission

24 02 2018

Twice a month? once a month? occasionally 3-4 times a year? how does this blogging thing work anyway?  I know, I know… I said my plan was to post something sort of like a chapter book every other week for a whole year.  “That’s certainly going well,” he says sarcastically.

So what happened? That’s the age old story of my plans to do things.  I’m not sure if I get lazy, or busy… or both.  It seems like all my creative hobbies come in waves.  I plan a project, set it up, and then move on to something else.  Not that there was something else to replace blogging (although I do have other projects going).  I suppose it comes down to the fact, that I know I’ll never really make anything important or fiscally useful out of this, so it gets put on the back burner while I make sure I keep my electric bill paid.

I’m not abandoning my blog though.  Maybe… just… leaving it as a side, back burner hobby.

Catan blueprints

But on the other hand… (dramatic pause) I’m starting a new project! Operation 3D Catan is a go. (and I’ll actually finish it eventually, hopefully… maybe… someday) yay!

I expect my foray into the modelling world will come out pretty well.  and on the plus side: if I don’t like how something turns out… they’re on little hexagonal pieces and easily replaceable.

I will also be attempting to do a step-by-step update as things progress here too.  It should be a lot of fun… now I just have to get access to a table saw to cut out all my base boards.

I’ll keep in touch with progress,

Kyle Out! PEACE!