About Me

Hi, my name is Kyle Zentmeyer.  I’m a blogger, and an Artist of varying degrees.  I sing, play a multitude of instruments, write, draw, photograph, film, act (poorly) and cook things.   My goal is, in that 3, 5 12? years, I’ll be doing art stuff (music, film, and drawing primarily) at least part time professionally.  I’m super excited to be planning this jump, as for the last couple years, I’ve primarily been doing IT related office stuff  (and as of 2017… construction stuff), which to be completely honest, is not my cup of tea.

I have awful seasonal allergies, that make it challenging to record my voice over spring and most of Summer, but I’m working on a solution for that as well.  yeah life.

But seriously: YEAH LIFE!  it’s been challenging thus far, as I’ve found out.  But it’s all mostly been worth the effort.  That being said, I hope that in the near future I’ll be able to supply you with the needed breaks from reality, and bring smiles to all your faces!  Because that’s important to me.  I sometimes wish that all people could see life that way.  I wish people weren’t concerned about money, but rather what they were going to do with their time that positively effects those around them.  I wish people weren’t selfish and broken.  I do a lot of wishing on this subject, but that hasn’t really helped much.  My last wish would be that news would show good things a lot more, because they’re out there, which I guess would mean, I wish people would be more excited about those good things, so that news would be more willing to show it.  But that’s enough wishing for me for one day.

Back to things about me:  I love God, and I love my parents, and my brother and sister.  And I’m excited that my family supports me in my life, even when it’s crazy.  Ironically, despite my enjoyment of posting blogs and doing things like art and singing on stages, I’m actually quite an introvert.  Almost shockingly so, which usually throws my friends for a loop, when in one moment I’m screaming across a kitchen about some random funny thing, and then I’ll go home and not talk to anybody until my next work shift.

And that’s me in a very, VERY, brief nutshell.  If you have any questions send me a comment or a message or something, I’m sure I’ll find it eventually and reply to you.

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