A Life of Greater Adventure: Prologue

30 12 2017

Dear Readers,

I write this as another mark on the end of another year.  Personally, it was fantastic and just as crazy as ever.  However, I’ve had one thing nagging at me: is my life losing its adventure? It seems a little early for a mid-life crisis, but here I am contemplating that very idea.  Has all the magic of discovery petered out in a disappointing display of apathy? has the daily grind become nothing more than an autonomous cycle?

But then I thought about it a bit longer.  Was it me, or just me? in other words: Is it merely my perception of what life, and adventure should be like that’s the problem? I considered this for a while and came across a couple of, what I believe to be, very important discoveries.

One: That Life itself is an adventure.  Okay, that one seems obvious and cliche, but that’s the conclusion I came up with.  Of all the things that could happen to us, the things that actually do could be considered remarkably unique.

And two: That, in general, we have understated the importance of being prepared for just such an adventure.  Sure, we learn our reading, writing and arithmetic; We may even learn to make grilled cheese without burning the crap out of it.  We learn to be socially normalized, and to do unto others as we would want to be treated ourselves.  But outside of that there seems to be a gap in connecting life and adventure.  We’ve idolized and idealized what we think adventure should be like, through books and movies.  And while I too enjoy a good adventure movie (and on extremely rare cases a book), we’ve slowly drained ourselves of the idea that we, ourselves, are engaged in the only adventure we will EVER have with our mortal selves.

So… this is the dilemma: How do we escape the daily grind and live a life of adventure? that’s a trick question! the truth is, that the question should be: How do I engage myself fully into the adventure I’ve already been placed in?

Throughout this next year,  I’ll be posting regularly (every other Saturday, in fact!) about my thoughts on this idea of living “A Life of Greater Adventure”  So stick tight as we delve into the most real thing that you’ve ever done: Life

Next Time: “Chapter 1 – Taking inventory” (January 13th January 20th)



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