Over For Dinner

16 08 2015

This is a small free writing thing I wrote up one evening when I got bored of writing my script.  I don’t really have a use for this in any particular story, but it was fun to write.  Enjoy!

 Over For Dinner

by: Kyle Zentmeyer

Leadis slowly lowered the crude pewter fork from his lips to the table.  His usually rosy complexion turned stark-white.  The light drained from his amber-colored eyes as his stomach began to turn.  His Sprite host gave an inquisitive look.  “Is something the matter?” He asked, as his wings flitted slightly in gleeful anticipation.  “Oh I… Uhh,” was all that Leadis could reply as he choked back his stomach to keep himself from vomiting.   “I, see.” The sprite mused, with a devilish smile curling up around his lips.  “Does the thought of eating such a beast displease you?” the sprite continued sarcastically.

Leadis had been duped.  Not only had he now done the most detestable thing any of his kind would do, he now was at the mercy of the trickster of a sprite, Gromesh. “What…” Leadis breathed heavily, “…have you done? You filthy little imp!” Leadis struggled for the air.  He tried to stand up in rage, but quickly collapsed back into his chair.  “now now,” Gromesh said, wagging his thin, knobby finger at Leadis.  “I won’t have name-calling at my table.  You are my guest now.  And as such it would be rude to not offer you a drink with your dinner.” The sprite spun into the air, dancing around in his victory over the Faun.  Gromesh whipped out a small vial from inside his pin-stripped vest.  The vial glowed with an icy-blue light that flickered through the cut patterns in the glass.  Leadis leaned forward as if to reach out for the vial.  His vision grew blurrier as each second passed.  He knew that if he closed his eyes now, he would wake up to find himself stripped of his magical abilities and completely estranged from the rest of his world.  “Hee hee hee!” Gromesh giggled with malicious delight.  “I bet you would love to have this antidote wouldn’t you?” Leadis’ eyes began to shut as the sprite talked.  Gromesh, seeing that his prey was losing focus, let out a sour frown on his face then flew down close to Leadis smacking him in the face with his empty hand.  “Hey! Do you want it or not?!” He haughtily said, continuing to stand over the Faun.  “Pl… please…” Leadis begged, trying with all his might to stay awake.  “ahh, but first I require to things,” The Sprite said dancing in circles through the air around Leadis.  “first, you must promise that you will cause me no harm for this… incident.” Leadis rolled back one eyelid to give off a glaring look as the sprite spoke.  Gromesh just smiled and continued.  “Second, you owe me one favor.”

Favors from a faun were particularly unusual.  Firstly because a fauns assortment of magic was not particularly useful, unless you needed a tree to grow tall, or a garden to sprout up, or you needed an interpretation of what a squirrel was squawking.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, was that fauns were not particularly friendly with most of the other magic using creatures.  Ever since the magic wars, Sprites, and Elves and Centaurs, and the like all seemed to want to use magic as a means of a weapon against each other.  Although the war was so long ago that most magical creatures have since gotten along, fauns have still managed to harbor a resentment for the ‘more violent’ creatures and prefer to not have dealings with them.  Of course, when one breaks a cardinal rule that governs fuan magic, one would have very little say on the matter, if the antidote was being held in the hand of a selfish creature such as Gromesh.

“How about it then?” the Sprite laughed.  “Anything… just… please.” Leadis groaned.  Gromesh quickly popped the cork on the vial and tipped it up to Leadis’ mouth.  As much as Gromesh would have loved to see the faun suffer just a little more, he knew that without the fauns magic, his whole ruse would have been useless.  Gromesh grinned at the thought of his plans coming together “Drink up now, you’re going to need all your strength.”



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