Late Summer Update

6 08 2015
Forgetting To Swim

Forgetting To Swim – Kyle Zentmeyer, Photoshop

“Whoa! I have a blog,” I say, every time I feel like updating something that isn’t my Facebook or Instagram.  So here’s the short update: my summer at Camp Pine Ridge in Michigan is wrapping up quickly and school is speeding towards me at break-neck velocities.  Money things are stupid as always, and I’m stressed about finding a job this fall that will cover basic living expenses during school.  But I’ve made it this far, so I guess there’s no going back now.

AMavericks Mascothh… College whoa’s and stresses.  Oh well.  The weather here in Michigan has been phenomenal.  Not too hot, not too cold… more humid than a fish-tank full of water.  My Grandma’s suggestion of bringing LOTS of bugspray has come in handy.  I’ve made a lot of new friends and caught up with some old ones.  I still haven’t been to Lake Michigan, but it’s on my list of things to do before I leave;  It will probably happen next weekend.  The weekends here are short, and I make the best of them by doing as little as possible.

I am excited to be getting back to classes (most of them).  Along with school, I’m looking forward to starting some new projects this fall and next summer.  Some of these projects are just personal hobbies I’m going to try.  Mostly because video games are getting boring and I want to actually try my hand at some new things.

But more importantly, I’m looking forward to next summer, where I’ll begin to produce some short films and video clips.  I’m not going to spoil anything yet, but the plan is to make at least one short film that’s good enough to take to a film festival or two.

I’ve got just under a week and a half left here in Michigan, and I’m right in between wanting to be back home and not wanting to have to drive to get there.  twenty-one hours of driving is quite the ordeal.  Leaving camps is never all that much fun.

I’ve grown accustomed to the comings and goings of camp staff and in a way, it’s made me jaded to relationships in general.  I’ve gained the ability to connect with people and become pretty close friends, and then be able to move on almost instantaneously.  I’m sitting here thinking that I’m probably never going to see most of this round of camp people here on Chaco Tanearth again; and although it bums me out, I know that in 2 weeks or less I’ll be OK.  I really hate having all my friends living in different states.

I’m going to go out and see Lake Michigan this weekend… finally.  It’s been a whole summer, and I have either been too tired to do anything, or was too busy doing something else.  but this is the weekend.  It’s now or never, so I guess it’ll just have to happen now…

…much like everything else.  Now.



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11 08 2015
Buffy Zentmeyer

Yeah, I have that problem, too.

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