A serious case of writers block

22 09 2014

I’ve been trying about once a week for almost a month to write down something here… anything.  I’ve tried video blogging, audio only, and now I’ve come full circle into just writing it all down again.  So what’s this all about? Writers block has hit me hard.  Every time I try and write anything (my blog, stories, scripts etc.) I can’t seem to get any further than a couple of lines in.  Even now, as I’m writing, I’m having to fight just stopping.  (10 minutes later)… “what was I doing again?”…. oh, that’s right; blogging.

Now it seems as though everything has hit a slump for me.  I can’t write, I’m playing the same music over and over again.  My drawing/doodling has slowed down, and I feel a lack of inspiration to do anything.  I was hoping this day would have come when my finances depended on me doing this stuff, and so, create an urgency to carry on.  But as it stands, I don’t NEED to do anything creative, and my lack of WANT to, is making it hard to do so.  This writers block thing is really starting to annoy me.  At this point I need to get over this slump.  In a way I’m excited to see what happens when I do get over it.  I’m half expecting to explode onto the scene with brilliance and high-quality work… But here I am, for now, just blogging (because it’s easier).

The good news though is that I finally invested in Adobe, so now things should be more streamlined when I actually do things… hopefully (not that my creativity should revolve around which software I use… but still…)  And that’s about it for the good news.

Now of course, is the time to really push myself. I’ve laid out my foundation (let’s hope it sets right).  And if I continue the metaphor: I’m waiting for the cement to dry.  I probably won’t be posting many things (here or on FB) for a while, as I’m doing some “background” things right now.  I’m continuing setting up the framework for this next part of the journey.  Phase 2 of which will likely include, maybe college… once again, I’m in a slump of being indecisive and not knowing what to do next.

Meanwhile, while I work out in my head something that will hopefully make more sense than this post, feast your ears on some random concept work I’m doing:



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