17 05 2013

There’s this “game” called Solarium (or something like that), where there’s 30 or so pictures you lay out on the table, and then go around taking turns pointing out pictures that describe different aspects of your life, and then start meaningful conversations with it.  The goal, of course is the strengthen relationships with your friends, care groups, family, etc..  Some people were setting it up in the coffee shop this morning, and they were trying to convince me to join them.  I sat down for about five minutes, contemplating my age old thought: “Do I feel like talking about myself on a deeper level today?”…. nope.

The truth is, I don’t like talking about myself at all.  The reason I do it here, is partly, because I keep things only as deep as I want to go, and second, there is some level of anonymity here.  Don’t get me wrong though, I enjoy being engaged in others’ lives.  I could listen to people all day, without a second thought, but as soon as they ask me to talk, I shut down.  That’s what I’d liked about facebook.  I could post shallow comments without any worry about things going deeper.

So how ’bout that weather, eh? (<– Irony) Summer is pretty much here!  I’ve dusted off my Chacos and leave my office window open! Camps High adventure team will be filtering in over the weekend and their training will start on Monday.  Next week the rest of our staff will be arriving.  We’re desperately short guy councilors/hosts/guides/wranglers… and well, pretty much every summer staff.  So if you’re a Christian guy with no summer plans, you should high-tail it out here to Colorado (trust me, it’s worth the trip).

Anyway, where was I? oh, that’s right: facebook.  I still don’t miss it.  Sometimes is a bummer to miss events because people just put it on FB and assume every one will read it.  But other than that, it hasn’t bothered me at all not using it.

I got to visit my Grandparents (mom’s side) this last weekend out in Cañon City, as well as most of my aunts/uncles from that side of my family.  It was really quite enjoyable.

Yesterday, I think I slept on my back wrong and could only take half-breaths all day.  I usually don’t like taking Ibuprofen or other meds, but it was worth it yesterday.  My knee’s been acting funny again.  Sometimes I feel just like an old man.  “But I’m too young to be old!” 😥 .

Well… I’ve run out of things to talk about again… until next time!




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17 05 2013

Hear you on this one! Maybe old people talk about their ailments so that they don’t have to talk about themSELVES. There is certainly a balance between opening up, being vulnerable, letting go of improper pride, and talking about yourself way more than other people really care. Somehow I just find it awkward to start talking about myself.

17 05 2013
Big Sister

You and me, I’ll tell you. I listen, but don’t ever talk. And as for missing events, well! Kirsten’s doing the KWAK 30th anniversary alumni dance thing, and apparently there are rehearsals for it, which I didn’t know anything about until Mary said something. So I would have completely missed it because she only uses Facebook to communicate, apparently.

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