FBFSE #3: Small-talk

24 04 2013

“FBFSE” is going well, people aren’t really complaining about me never being on facebook… well, they might be, but I can’t check my messages to find out. I’m still in the process of using other means of communication with people. And I often forget that I need to call people, or talk to people. But overall I’d say that my plan is still working out fine. I’ve even gotten to the point where I don’t even think about needing the check it anymore. I still have moments where I think: “Oh, I should post that on Facebook… oh, wait…” Like this morning where I wanted to say something about regretting drinking sour milk last night. Which got me thinking: How is that relevant to anyone? Life goes on. It’s not even that interesting of a story. Sure I like keeping people involved in my life, but at that point, it’s just small-talk and bantering (pretty much just like now).  So why do it at all? I had someone ask me, isn’t blogging just like facebook? so what’s the point of quitting one, if you’re just going to do the other?  I was kind-of shocked, to see just how many people didn’t get why I’m not using facebook this summer.  I could try and explain it, but it just didn’t “click” for them.  Which to me, is like me saying, I drink and don’t have a drinking problem, so I don’t see what the big deal about AA meetings is.  I’m not saying that I’m addicted to facebook to the point of intervention, but the idea is the same.

Some of the immediate benefits I’ve noticed far:  The biggest one, is that I’m not reading junk posts all the time (e.g. “share this post if you care”, or “how many movies that start with “S”, or peoples constant political opinions about whatever.)  Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate peoples opinions, and I certainly know that I have them too.  But emotionally speaking, it really bogs me down.  Sure I’m concerned with gun-rights, and public safety, but being aware of 100-some other peoples opinions whenever I’m on, is unnecessary.  I’ve also become aware that the less I’m on facebook, the more my opinions are refined.  I do my own research and look at facts, then construct my own opinions without the aid of a picture that tells me to like or not like something.

And lastly, as a matter of pride, I’m pretty much done building my new computer, after a year and a half of sales shopping for good parts.  But as part of the “bleed over” from not using facebook, I’ve realized that I still play too many video games… hmm… maybe next summer… maybe…





2 responses

27 05 2013
Alex Murray

what is your build made out of???

28 05 2013

Just put this up today. It’s still got some work to be done, but the specs are there.

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