FBFSE Update #1: Ready to role!

8 04 2013

My Facebook Free Summer Experiment, is only a week away (April 15th).  Which reminds me of two important things.  First… I still have to do my taxes.  And second, I’m really excited to be kicking off the “Facbook Funk”.  So I decided that instead of giving someone a new password for my account, I’m just going to change is with a password generator, and then not write it down anywhere.  That way my crazy friends won’t completely destroy my reputation. 😀  This also goes for my Twitter account (which I never use anyway).  As a partial compromise, I may be hanging around Google+ on occasion.  I hope that you guys are planning on joining me on this adventure.  I’ll be posting here at least every other week with a “FBFSE Update” for you all to let you know how awesome things are.  And of course, next year, you’ll wan’t to give it a try yourself!





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