15 03 2013

A couple of things I’d like to point out.  First, I have a new-found respect for “most” law enforcement here on the western slope of Colorado.  In Delta, police responded to a student bringing a loaded gun onto a middle-school campus.  The officers solution to preventing future incidents? Parents need to lock their guns.  They did NOT say anything about how people shouldn’t have guns at all.  Mostly, because that would be stupid.  But our government seems to like the idea.  In fact, there’s a “coalition” (of sorts), of Sheriffs here in Colorado standing up for our rights when it counts most.

Now I’m not a “gun nut”.  And although I believe that these new gun legislation’s are the the wrong way to accomplish the goal that they say it will.  There is, as always, a deeper issue.  In my opinion, it comes down to this: We, as a nation, are demanding (either passively, or directly) that our government take care of us.  We want the government to say how much we make a year, who can go to college and who cant, how many bullets we can have for our guns (if it’s a matter of magazine size, I’ll just carry another one).  They’re even dictating, how our children should be educated.

Why then, do we act so surprised when the government tries to control what we do? They see problems, and because nobody else is willing to work on it, they’re putting in laws to try and take care of the problem.  Take the above story for example.  The easiest “blanket” solution, is to just take away guns.  or say: “Adults with children in their household are not allowed to have firearms”.  That would take care of the problem… although it would be probably one of the poorest contrived ideas ever.

There is a thin line, between protecting us from things that we cannot take care of ourselves (like terrorism, school-shootings, and national emergencies).  And whatever laws we put in place, they will still happen.  however, if a burglar tries breaking into my house, I’ll be glad to know that I can take care of the problem.

Another point has to do with the New York rule that, thankfully, got shut down this week about soda cup size.  REALLY!??! they’re logic is that people are fat, and need to be regulated apparently like cattle, at a feed trough.  It’s not the soda’s or the restaurants fault.  Lets just put everyone in a non-offensive, grey, gender neutral jumpsuit, and put them on a regulated regimen of diet and exercise in a government provided propaganda… I mean… “re-education” facility.  The problem with most over-weight people, is that they simply do not care.

It’s come down to this: people only care about themselves.  And when they chase after their own interests they’ll find themselves going in circles.  what are we going to ask the government to control next? our emotions (please reference the movie: Equilibrium)?  who we can or can-not marry (I’ll comment on this at a later time)? Who should or should not live?



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