Over drive(ed)

23 09 2012

So… funny story. I managed to go to Crested Butte twice in one weekend.  It’s about a 2 1/2 hour trip one way.  The first time was for a couple of soccer games who’s team I’m coaching.  The second was to go back and get my phone and MP3 player that got left with my jacket.  Although the trip itself wasn’t all that fun (stressful to say the least), I managed to recover both (and the jacket) successfully.  And since I was going through Gunnison I stalked up on some groceries again.  All I can say is: I think I hit my driving quota for the rest of the month.

EDIT: moral of the story is this: During that season when you have to wear a jacket in the mornings and it gets too hot in the afternoon to keep it on… keep all your electronic devices in your pants pockets.



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