Winters’ a Comin’!

5 09 2012

The Admin Guys

It may not be a surprise to most of you: I’m awful at keeping up with posting stuff here.  Somewhere between general life, work, and play, it seems like I really don’t have time (or make time) to write.  Good news though, I’ll be transitioning into “old-school”.  That’s right… paper newsletters.  Why is that good news you ask? well, the idea is that I’ll publish/send out (at least) quarterly newsletters, that are “more formal”.  Of course it will all be posted here as well, but most of my family and friends really don’t know about this place.  This step is in conjunction with my support raising trip coming this late fall.  So until then, I’ve been keeping really… really, busy.  I appreciate the ability to learn new things quickly, but things sure fell apart at the most inopportune times.  Oh well, things are starting to come back together, and I’ve even had time to not be in the office… somewhat.  Ironically, the reason I’m righting now is because I’m waiting for a volunteer to come back in so we can get some more work done.

My messy office

1 server, 2 Desktops, 3 laptops, and at least 5 removable storage on my desk… I need less to do… or more desk

Tentatively, the plan is, at the end of the fall outdoor education season, to go home and do a little support raising.  I keep telling people, “I don’t know where to even begin”… so I’m thinking I should probably start by making sure I have a place to stay (like my parents house) :D.  You know, how people would come to your church and talk about their mission and show you all sorts of cool pictures of them doing cool things? well…”here’s me at a desk… fixing a computer… here’s another picture of me… oh, look I’m fixing a computer.”  Don’t worry folks, I have a plan B. I should probably get on that now; and no, you don’t get to know what “plan B” is… I wish it involved pyrotechnics though.

So I’m in my 7th month here at Redcloud; I can’t tell if it feels shorter or longer than that.  I guess it would depend on the day.  Some weeks (like this one) go by very quickly, and others (like when servers crash) just don’t seem to end.  I always get a kick out of watching seasons change.  Not necessarily in nature, but in people.  As summer starts people start to get really busy, and are hustling and bustling all around town.  But as the fall is beginning, I was reminded that people are opening and closing their stores later and earlier (respectively).  I went to two different places in town around 4:20-ish today, only to find them both closed.  And because I had a meeting at 5, I had nothing to do but go into the soda fountain and get some ice-cream (don’t I live such a hard life?) ;).

That pretty much sums up all the excitement that’s been going on around Camp.  I can’t believe Summer is over.   It almost feels like I completely missed it… probably because I did mostly.  I’ve really got to find a way to get everything all working together at the same time so I can get out more often.  I did do several awesome things this summer though; like: the ever increasingly rare game of airsoft (for a whole weekend).  The admin team also went on a great rafting trip! (thank you Journey Quest!)

airsoft picture

OP: Steel Talon, with My dad and brother. I had a great time. Even though it was incredibly hot there that weekend.

Rafting at Journey Quest

Later that day… our guide actually did fall out. true story.

Mama Moose and Baby moose

Saw a moose earlier this spring… don’t know if I’ve already blogged about it so you get to see it again. 😀


There’s now 5 of us at the guy’s house.  Other than the freezer always being full to the point that it doesn’t keep ice-cream frozen, it’s not been a huge issue.  Fortunately most of us get up at different times depending on our jobs, so only having one bathroom works out well… enough.

I’m pretty sure the last time I wrote, my car was still in need of a new engine.  You’ll all be happy to know, that it’s now been up and running for a couple of months now (minus a flat tire).  It’s been really nice having it back.  And the stereo even works, so now I don’t have to talk to myself to keep myself entertained when I go on trips!

Well… that pretty much sums things up:  Going to try and go home for support raising/visiting after fall OE, summer’s over and winter’s a comin’, all settled in at the house, have a car, listening to Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, fixing computers.  The end.

Until next time,




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6 09 2012

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