Part Deux

8 08 2011

Step one:… Synopsys113

Allow me once again to apologize for taking so long for me to write… It’s been… umm… interesting, the past half a year.  I’m just gonna spit this out and say, first off: I don’t think that I’ll ever end up leaving camp.  Although this revelation, may sound a little exaggerated, keep in mind that I’ve already left camp three times, and here I keep coming back.  Second:  I have recently (april), graduated successfully, from the Delta-Montrose Police Academy.  Essentially, what this means is that I am now eligible to get a job as a policeman.  Originally, I had planned to fulfill this career path to it’s end, I have since, discovered that I don’t really want to be a cop.  This is for many reasons, the most important though is that I don’t think I’d do extraordinarily well at it.  Although I’m leaving that door open as much as possible, I’m moving myself in a different direction now.  I will remember all the lessons that I was taught and will use them when the situation calls for it.  Now I have $1,700 dollars of loan to pay off Annoyed.  Oh, yeah… and my car is still broke.

A couple of weeks ago I went up to Redcloud to volunteer for 1 week.  I remember telling someone that my biggest fear was not wanting to leave once I got up there.  Ironically, I didn’t want to leave… so I stayed another week.  As I will state later, I’m comfortably willing to leave Redcloud if God so chooses, but at the moment I am very much more than happy to stay there as well, So I think I will.

Step two:  Make a plan

At the moment, the shortest plan I can make is: I’m going back to Redcloud for Fall OE 2011.  Sounds simple enough right?  Well… I’ll also be talking with the full time staff to see about a full time job there doing I.T..  So although I’m for sure going to be back at Redcloud for two months, I could very well (hopefully Fingers crossed) end up there indefinitely.  I could make a very long list about why this plan has been made, but then We’d be here forever.  So here’s a small recap on why I think this would work.

me at computer

  • The people at Redcloud are awesome
  • My allergies aren’t active at Redcloud
  • I’m perfectly okay with not having any extra money
  • Did I mention the awesome people?
  • I feel pretty confidant with working on computers 
  • I feel healthier up in the mountains.
  • I’m content at Redcloud
  • I’ve discovered that, I’m okay with not being there if God wants me somewhere else, which, in turn, makes me really happy that I get to be there.
  • Honestly… It feels like home now. 

Of course there’s more, but this is just what was on the top of my head.


One last thing… I’ll be raising support through the fall, in hopes to build up a support base, so that I can stay through the winter. 


Step Three: Document

They always say if it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.  Well, since I’m planning on being on this mission for a while, I figured I’d start writing regularly.  So be expecting at least some form of monthly update if not more often.  I still have yet to make a way to easily Video blog about everything.  So we’ll see how that goes.


Step Four: Take Action

Ok, this is more for you guys than me.  In a short bit I will be letting anyone who is interested, how they can support my ministry at Camp Redcloud. 153


Step Five:… Doesn’t exist!

I don’t have a step five… So in the meantime. enjoy the rest of your summer!  “Redcloud, here I come!!!… again.”



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