Week By Week

15 04 2010

Every week this spring Camp Redcloud we get two different groups.  And so the kids in each group are only here for about two days. We’ve only had three groups so far… And I already feel emotionally drained.  And I think it’s for the main fact that I know that some of these kids lead really crappy lives. I took a group out biking and there was a little girl, the smallest in the group, who didn’t know how to ride a bike because her parents divorced and her bike was put up into storage.  She may never have anyone else teach her how to ride a bike.  And I think what really makes me literally almost cry, was the way she said it; like it was normal, that, THATS her “normal”.  Today was her first day on a bike since she was 5.  I had another Boy during the first group this week,  who was terrified of heights.  He stood on the ground for about 20 minutes hooked up to the belay rope to climb a tree at high-ropes, in utter panic.  He said he wished he hadn’t come and that what we were making him do was pointless and cruel.  At the end of the week as they sitting on the bus to go home I saw him through a window, he was in tears, because he didn’t want to leave.


One of the teachers was remarking to a kid about said kids recent purchases at our gift shop.  I over heard the teacher say that ‘people like them [us the councilors] get paid a lot to do stuff like this’.  I just smiled and kept walking because I knew it didn’t matter that he was wrong.  Because there is so much more that is important.  The ours are long and the pay is short, I woke up this morning 15 minutes late, couldn’t find any of my stuff, barely got a chance to eat, was supposed to be doing dishes but was still finding all my stuff.  It was a really really bad morning.   After the end of today, though it was long, it was very good.  Another day in the books, and I’d like to say I won’t forget it, but I probably will, but the feeling of it will stay as each day remains as good as the first.



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